Hello Brenda! 

I wanted to touch base with you about Conrad. We would definitely love to join the other happy owners on your website. He is the most amazing dog we have ever been blessed with, and I couldn't imagine life without this boy. He is very well mannered, fun and loving. Conrad is literally like our child! Thanks for the amazing opportunity to parent this amazing addition to our family. I attached some pictures for you!

The Cooper Family




Hi Brenda,

Andy and I bought a puppy from Virginia's litter born June 29 this year. She is doing so well and is really fun to have around. We have had minimal issues with her and we attribute that to keeping her very busy!  She comes to the office with me a few times a week and completed a 12 week puppy course just before thanksgiving.  We start obedience 1 just after new years. Attached are a few pictures. Hope all is well with you and your family. Happy holidays!

Aly Linstad





Morgan is still very playful, which I love. I walk Morgan 4-6 times a day, she loves it. A little less when it is really hot out. She loves people, when she sees someone come toward her she crawls to them. She must have everyone she passes pet her. Most people cannot resist here cuteness.

Well thank again and I will send more pictures in the future.

Morgan is doing well everyone loves her. My two girls are doing well together. I attached a few recent pictures.






Hi Brenda,

Just wanted to give you an update on the puppy! He is doing great and has adjusted to his new life perfect!! The surprise was perfect and I have never seen my husband so happy! Hy husband and his soldiers decided to name him Ham, dont ask me why but he seems to like it! He is already very spoiled and even more now since my husband has made it home! He also gets along great with our other dog, and the dog across the street! Everyone always says how handsome he is and how they want him!!I want to thank you for making this experience less stressful and very pleasent for me! I was very worried with all of the scams and you helped me with this! Thank you so much and we will keep you updated on Ham, I have also attached a couple of photos! Thank you so much!!

Brittany Reel









Niko weighs 33 lbs. right now and he loves water! Every time I take him out, he jumps into the lake behind my house, haha!! He's a happy boxer, thank you soooo much, he has brought a lot of happiness into my life!

Erick Pacheco, Florida





Hi Brenda,

I just wanted to keep you up to date on our precious puppy. Sassy, who we changed her name to Nya, is doing great! She loves playing with her new sister and chewing on toys. She is doing well with potty training and adjusting to crate training. It was tough at first because she cried a lot but now she enjoys laying in her crate on her comfy sheets. She loves to be outside and sunbathe in the Las Vegas heat! Nya is a sweet dog; she loves all people and other dogs. She is a great addition to our family. Attached are some pictures. She gets bigger with each day!

-Brendan Laidler





Attached are some recent pictures of Ford.  He is getting so big and is such an amazing dog!  We love him very much, thank you again for everything and hopefully you are able to find a friend for Ford as well.  Call me when you can.






Dozer (short for Bulldozer) is doing really well. He is very healthy and everybody just loves him!!! He gets so many compliments. He is incredibly lovable. And, boy, is he smart! He knew to go potty outside. I set up his own little play area which is gated all around so I can leave him with all his necessities. He has his water, toys, crate, bed, and piddle pad. He went potty on his piddle pad the very first time I left him! I put an old sweatshirt with my scent in his crate and he goes in there by choice! I'm feeding him an organic brand of food called, Buffalo Blue. I weaned him on it and he's doing just fine with it. I've taken lots of pictures. As soon as I get a break I'll send you some. He's such a happy little guy. He's not the least bit shy and goes up to everyone. He's especially friendly with other dogs. :-) Hope all is well. I referred you to someone I met because this has been a great experience for me (I hope that's okay!!!)! Thanks, again! Hope all is well!

J. Aughenbaugh








Hi Brenda and Chris,

You might remember me, I am Judit, whose wedding present was one of your ridgeback puppies. She was born today a year ago in Belle’s litter. My husband and I would like to say thank you for being such responsible breeders and giving us the opportunity to have the ownership of our precious dog, Kira.

She has changed our lives, brings us so much joy and she is an inseparable member of the family. She is our pride and we do everything to keep her happy. She is a real joy to live with as she responds to household routines very well. We take the time to provide training, intellectual stimulation, a high quality life for her. She is a fun lover, and has good manners in the presence of people and other dogs. We often arrange play dates for her as she is everybody’s friend.

Thank you again for the great job you did when she was a puppy.

Judit & Geza






Bo is the most wonderful dog in the world!  He is almost 6 months old and he is 55 lbs, a very big boy.  He is absolutely wonderful with our son and is so smart too.  He knows how to sit, stay, lay down, shake, high five, and come on call using only hand signals. Thank you so much for him, here are some new pictures.

The Ireland Family









I see you have my handsome puppy “Belle’s Pistol Packing Charmer” aka Gunnar on your home page. AWESOME! He was only five months when that shot was taken. I have been trying to reach you to let you know how wonderful he is doing in SAR (search and rescue). He is a trailing dog, which means he can follow the trail of a distinct scent. Even discriminating the scent on one individual out of several that take off walking together then split the trail. He has been impressing all handlers he meets. Gunnar does not know a stranger, we were asked to be in the Meet the Breed at an AKC show here in Des Moines, and he was such a charmer. Gunnar is almost ten months now. I would like to send more pics. He is my fourth RR and I have to tell you I have known many RR’s throughout the years. He is hands down the most handsome boy I have seen. Would you like more updated pics of him? I love to brag about him.


Here are some more pictures, isn't he stunning!


Gunnar and I were in Texas for a Man hunters trailing seminar. He did absolutely awesome! I traveled down with two other gals from Wisconsin. He was taking scent from a zip lock bag with nothing more than the subjects breath or just sticking their hand into the back then closing it. Most trails were at least 1/2 mile long and aged from one hour to three hours old.   


Cheri Sorensen

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Gunnar





Chris, Brenda and Children,

Sending you photo's of Bella Rose on her first Birthday. . .







Hello Wyricks,

I wanted to give you an update on Lyric. She has ajusted well and is an amazing dog! She has already doubled in size and is going to be more of a pony than a puppy... sean has made it safely from Afghanistan but is not yet able to leave Fort Bragg in North Carolina so last weekend I packed up the birdie and Lyric and drove down to visit him. I think he was more excited to see Lyric than me lol! We had a wonderful weekend and he adores her although she is way too big to be a lap dog, she's yet to establish this. I just wanted to let you guys know she is doing awsome. She goes everywhere I go with the exception of work and has takin a liking to the car and the word bye bye. She hates being left home alone and she's a spoiled brat lol! Sean gets back in two days and she lights up his smile so I'm very excited. I only got a couple of not so good photos on our trip to North Carolina but I thought I would send them anyway. Sean is a professional photographer so I will send some good ones of just her when she is half grown and a few when she is full grown in case you would like them for your website.

Thanks again,

The Conleys




Hello Brenda,

We just left our daughter’s home (Tracie and David Penn) and we had to send this to compliment you. We met their puppy today and he is a beautiful puppy with a personality that shines, a temperament that shows great breeding, and you can see from first impression he is intelligent, friendly, and well adjusted. To meet a puppy that just left its familiar surroundings; was crated; took an airplane flight, and took to his new surroundings as well as he did; well it doesn’t happen by accident, and shows he was well treated, and is a confident animal, and came from a loving environment. He makes eye contact, listens, and was extremely gentle, playful, and a pleasure to be around.

My wife and I fell in love with the breed and have had Ridgebacks since 1991. Our children were raised with these gentle, obedient, protective family members and I was pleased to see Tracie, and David lucked out when purchasing their first pup. I cannot say enough about this puppy's personality, his confidence, attentiveness, and from first impressions their success in getting a great dog that will provide many years of pleasure owning and having such a great companion.

I have attached a picture of our Jake, who is the 4th Ridgeback we have owned. The other 3 (Chance, Sydney, Bullet) provided us with 12,14,12 years of loyal friendship, companionship, and who only the IRS didn’t consider them members of the family.

When you hear so much about puppy mills, have reservations about not seeing the parents personally, and take this kind of chance acquiring a member of your family; well I appreciate breeders like yourself and it shows that you put your heart and souls into the breeding of such fine dogs, the Ridgeback breed is something to be admired, and we take personally the raising of these fine animals.

Thank you, we are glad our children contacted you, received a great puppy, and we can assure you that Bradley will be well taken care of, loved, and be a member of the family.

Mike& Diane Lenahan





I wanted to give you your update on Tobi, now that he is a little over a year and a half old--(wow). You know, since we first got him, he has gotten SO many compliments on how beautiful he is. He still is. He has a wonderful, laid-back personality, not high-strung at all, and he is extremely friendly and loving. Just like a Bulldog, he is so naturally curious and wants to always see "what's up", and he's never met a stranger!! He definitely still has a lot of pup in him though. He for sure does not just lay around like a lazy bum-he ALWAYS wants to play!! But, he does listen very well. He now weighs a little over 55 lbs, so I look for him to gain maybe about 5-10 more before he turns two. He has had an excellent health record!

I just want to say thank you for our beautiful boy. He has been a wonderful, fun companion. I have recommended you all to many many people as we have gotten tons of compliments on Tobi. Hope you enjoy many more successful litters! Thanks again.

Lara Webb, North Carolina

English Bulldog, Tobi






Hello from Wisconsin,

I promised a few pictures of Cookie and here are a few.  Actually her name is now Piper.

Piper has grown a couple inches already and now weighs 30 pounds, at 3 months 5 days old.  The dogs are getting along great now after a few days of getting acquainted.  Piper and Sally are becoming best friends and Piper is starting to get brave enough to play with Lucy (might be the size difference of the fact that Lucy plays a little rough for Piper's taste).

Training is going well and there's been a lot of it, what with housebreaking, crate training, and leash training.  Piper knows her name and comes when called or whistled at.  She understands no (or I like to use "HEY").  For a while we were big on the "no bite" command, and for the most part has stopped nipping/chewing on people and focuses on her toys instead. We are working or sit, stay, and off (when she tries jumping up).  She knows "go outside" and "go potty" and "in the house", based on watching/following the older dogs' example.  Walks around the block will start once she heals better while on the leash.  But she enjoys rides in the truck to see where we will visit next. 

I'll try sending more pictures soon,

Matt Pyne, Wisconsin

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Piper



Hi Brenda,

It was great to hear from you! I am so glad that you wanted to know how Moose was doing! He is an excellent dog with a sweet disposition. He gets along with our other two bulldogs, Phaddy and Fiona, fantastically. We have found that he is the most cuddly, loving dog we have ever had.

Thanks for such an amazing dog!!!

Andrea Evans






Rya is doing great!!  She is full of energy and just wants to play.  She is very good with our new baby.  He chases her around in his walker.  Thanks for checking on her. We are very happy with her!!

Veronica and Robert Jones
Boxer (Rya)



"Doesn't she look great! Kitty is beautiful!"

Thanks, Christina from Missouri

 Boxer (Kitty)




Just to see my son's smile after getting his pup was enough to make the 13 hour trip all the way from Pennsylvania to get "Mack" worthwhile! I looked for weeks to find him the perfect pup, then my son looked for two more weeks. Three days before Christmas he saw your pup and said, "That's the one! I want that one!"

William from Pennsylvania

 English Bulldog (Mack)



He had a tough act to follow, but he did pretty good.

Mike and Michelle Dunn

Boxer (Gus)




"She made it! She was sooo excited to see us. When we said her name she started barking. She came home and started playing with my son. My son is 3 & is having a ball with Bella. I received her shot record and goodies."


Brandy in Illinois

Boxer (Bella)




I got the puppy and took him right to the vet. The vet said he is in great health! My family and I love him! Thank you Brenda. Again, you have been wonderful and have made this experience very pleasant."

Joaquin in Houston, Texas

English Bulldog



"Bronx is absolutely fantastic! I couldn't have asked for a better temperament.  He has been love and kisses since we picked him up from the airport in March and has been a total joy to have as part of the family. Thanks so much for an amazing dog!


Boxer (Bronx)


  Thanks so much for Peaches and Princess.  You were so good to take your time to answer all our questions and see us through until we got them.  What a joy to see them at the airport!  They were happy to be off that plane and into our arms!  My Real Farm is amazing!  Thanks again!  Will send more pictures later! 

Lydia and John  in New Hampshire

English Bulldogs (Peaches And Princess)




My husband held down the fort at home, taking care of Bonnie and our 3 cats. The greeting Bonnie gave me when I came home was priceless--she exploded with love. She is really a supremely loveable, exuberant, happy puppy.

In August, 3 of our grandsons were here in California for Bonnie's first birthday!!! We made her a party, with much laughter, many treats, and new toys. Our next-door-neighbors came to the party too. Bonnie was in heaven--there is nothing she likes better than a houseful of children. Her favorite new toy is a huge fuzzy moose that honks and squeaks both, and she carries it around almost all the time. Looks and sounds pretty silly, but she doesn't care.

I'd like to send you a recent photo of Bonnie, so if you send me your physical address I'd be happy to do so.

Good luck with your new puppies. I can just imagine how cute they are. I wonder if any of them look like Bonnie.

Thank you so much for sending us a photo of Bonnie's mother, Taz.  I am looking forward to seeing the photo of Bonnie's father too.
Our Bonnie has a great personality, and is very beautiful.  She's affectionate, smart, loves children (we have 4 grandsons now--the newest is 3 months old), is gentle with our 3 cats, and is friendly with people, and other dogs. 
Twice a week we take Bonnie to a very nice dog park, where she immediately made friends with a whole gaggle of large dogs--Bonnie is fearless, but not aggressive.  (With fencing, the lovely park separates big and little dogs.)
Of course she is mischievous too--we expected that, as she is our second Boxer.  Many "interesting" things have turned up in her "lair," a corner of our big back yard, which she has adopted as her own private area.  She especially likes slippers, and pantyhose.  
And like Boxers do, she has made up a bunch of games for herself--with her dog biscuits, treats, and toys.  She throws them up in the air and catches them.  Very creative.  She loves to play ball, and is as good as a retriever, and she likes to bite the water when we hose the grass. 
Like a baby in a high chair dropping stuff, she nudges her ball under the couch, and then whimpers  for me to get it out--after I get it out, she nudges it back under the couch, and then whimpers for me to get it out again.  Then she wags what's left of her tail and prances around.  She has a marvelous sense of humor.
Now Bonnie is going to puppy school.  She's learned to sit, lie down, stay (sort of), watch, wait, and her teacher is teaching her not to pull on the leash (which she does not do much anyway).  She learns very fast, and when the teacher is not looking, Bonnie helps herself to the toys and treats the teacher stores on a shelf.  We cannot help laughing--even the teacher has to laugh.
As you can see, Bonnie has added a great deal of fun and love to our lives.  Our daughter lives in Massachusetts (a Professor at Harvard) with her 3 boys, and our son in Seattle (a Professor at U. of Washington), with his new baby, so it gets lonely around here.  But Bonnie fills much of the gap for us.  I hear my husband speaking "baby talk" to her when he thinks I'm out of earshot.  And I am crazy about her.
Brenda, I admire you for being able to do "home schooling."  I don't think I would have the patience.  I am a retired Social Worker (worked mainly with Senior Citizens), and my husband is a retired Mathematician/Physicist/Geneticist, and currently a working professional trombone player.
Thanks again for the photos, and a special thanks for Bonnie.  She is truly a joy.


Lila Lynn Humphrey

P.S. Did I tell you that Bonnie went to puppy school in May and June? She passed everything very well and received good

grades. Also, Mike and I take her to a dog park about twice a week--she loves to play with other dogs and is friendly to them (even dogs twice her size), but is totally fearless and fun-loving. She's popular--when we come to the dog park we hear people say "Here comes Bonnie!" She really livens up the place.




Just wanted to let you know that I decided to name the dog “Roxsy”, after the movie “Rocky.” I just wanted to thank you very much for all your help in making my Christmas so wonderful. Hope you are having a great holiday season and take care.

Michael Ellis

Boxer (Roxsy)




Hi, I wanted to let you know that we took Lola to the vet today for the first time and she is 12 1/2 pounds, and they said she looks great! Here are some pictures of her now. Thanks for the wonderful new family member, we all love her!  ""Everyone is in love with our dogs, they attract a lot of attention on walks and everyone wants to know about their breeders, so you must have done a good job!"

The Eubanks Family, Springfield, IL

Boxer (Lola)




Just wanted to let you know that Seamus arrived fine here in NJ and is settling into his new home. We also took him to the vet and she said that he looks good! He is enjoying his new brother and sister cats. Floyd, the male kitten really likes playing with him, Zoey wants nothing to do with him! Alright thank you very much! Seamus has adapted well to us and we just love him. Thank you so much for everything. I know I asked you a ton of questions, but you but you were always very kind and answered everything, no matter how silly. Thank you again. I will update you again to let you know how Seamus is doing.


Meghan, Brett and Seamus in New Jersey

Boxer (Seamus)





Just wanted to pop you a quick note to say thank you! It was really great doing business with you and Captain is making a really smooth transition into the family- he's starting to get the whole potty thing down, but of course still prefers my shoes to any of the chewy things we bought for him.  I am attaching a picture of Captain with the kids, I'm sure you have been wondering how he is doing.


I wanted to email and send you a picture of Captain, he is getting so big! I think he is hitting the teen years. We are now trying to leash train him so that we can get him out walking. He has turned out to be a GREAT addition to our family. I don't know what life would be like now without him, though he is totally spoiled and sleeps with us every night.

Well thought I'd just give you an update! Thanks again for the great pup!

Christine St Peter

Boxer (Captain)




Rex is doing great. He has been absolutely wonderful!!  My roomie and I took the dogs
swimming today up at Lake Barkley and they loved it. Roxy was a little timid. Rex has really helped boost Roxy's confidence level as she is a little jumpy but since he came home she has been nothing but confident. He didn't take long at all to potty train. He is very good with obedience as well. The cat has taken a particular liking to him and when he isn't chasing her around she is chasing him.

Thanks for the perfect Boxer!!


Boxer (Rex)






We thought it was time for some updated pictures of Mylie. She is definitely a puppy doing all the normal behavior of a puppy.  She is a very sweet girl.  We love her so much.  She is so very gentle with all the kids.  As you can see in the pictures she likes to fight Jenna for toys. Those two are always playing with each others toys.  I hope everyone is doing well.

Take Care,

Jason, Steph, Jordan, Justin, Josh, Jenna, & Miley


Just wanted to let you know Brutus had his vet checkup today! She loved him, said he was a beautiful well bred boy. So I thank you so much for that, she said so many breeders are making them look almost un boxer like and he is a great example of what a Boxer should be.  So that made us very happy!! He is already

Thanks again

Belinda - Baltimore

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