Chris And Brenda Wyrick And Family

  Hello! We are the Wyrick Family. Chris and Brenda, Alysse-14 years, Shane-13 years, Brynn-12 years, Carly-9 years, and Paige-7 years. We have raised pups now for over 7 years and have shipped them all over the United States and even some to Canada! All of us have a part in the raising of our dogs. Chris has built all of our facilities and takes care of the breeding, and Brenda does the grooming and health care of our adults and puppies. Shane does a great job keeping the puppies living areas clean. He loves it when the puppies are around 4 weeks and older: they can chase him in the yard, and he tries to teach them to fetch with a toy or bone. Brynn feeds the dogs and pups and is usually found sitting holding the puppies, or talking to the mother's for long periods of time. Alysse waters the dogs. She loves to train our adult dogs on their stance for conformation. She spends hours on training them, also working on their ability to keep up with her brisk walk. Alysse, Brynn, and Carly help keep everything looking clean and Carly works especially hard keeping things around the yard looking just so, throwing away old chewed up toys and replacing them with new ones. Paige enjoys picking out new toys for the pups to enjoy, she also enjoys rocking the pups on their backs, like doll babies, to get them to go to sleep. It's such a pleasure to help mold and develop each pupís own particular disposition and then send them off to give joy to their new families! Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will feel confident in your interest of our pets after browsing it!  


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